How To Book Mahakaleshwar Ujjain Bhasma Aarti Complete Guide 2023


Ujjain’s Mahakal Bhasma Aarti is a traditional Hindu ritual performed at the Mahakal temple in Ujjain, India. It is a time-honored ceremony that involves the worship of Lord Shiva using sacred ashes. Participants dress modestly in traditional Indian attire, symbolizing their devotion and respect to Lord Shiva. The ritual is believed to purify the soul and bring peace and happiness to those who participate in it. The Bhasma Aarti is an important aspect of Hindu culture and religion, showcasing the deep connection between devotees and Lord Shiva.

Importance Of Bhasma Aarti In Mahakal Ujjain In Hinduism

Bhasma Aarti is a Hindu ritual that holds great significance in Mahakal Ujjain, one of the most revered shrines dedicated to Lord Shiva in India. The word “Bhasma” means ash, and “Aarti” refers to a Hindu religious ceremony where light is offered to a deity.

In the past, Mahakal Bhasm Aarti at Ujjain’s Mahakaleshwar Temple was performed with ash from the first funeral pyre cremated at night. However, with changing times, this practice has been modified, and fresh ash is now prepared from cow dung. The cow dung ash is considered pure and is believed to have therapeutic properties. Thus, the ash used in Bhasma Aarti has evolved over time, but the significance of the ritual remains the same as a way to express devotion to the divine.

In Mahakal Ujjain, Bhasma Aarti is performed daily and is considered a spiritual practice that helps to purify the body, mind, and soul. The ash used in Bhasma Aarti is made by burning dried cow dung, which is considered a pure and sacred substance in Hinduism. The ash is then mixed with sacred sandalwood paste and applied to the forehead of the devotees.

In Hinduism, the forehead is considered the seat of the third eye, which represents the inner wisdom and spiritual insight. By applying the sacred ash to the forehead, a person can awaken the inner wisdom and attain spiritual liberation.

Bhasma Aarti is also considered a way to show devotion and respect to Lord Shiva, who is known as the destroyer of evil and ignorance. The ash applied to the forehead symbolizes that the devotee is surrendering their ego and recognizing that all material things will eventually turn to ashes.

In Mahakal Ujjain, Bhasma Aarti is a powerful and transformative spiritual experience for devotees. It is an opportunity to connect with Lord Shiva and to seek blessings and guidance. The rituals and ceremonies performed at Mahakal Ujjain are steeped in tradition and hold great significance in Hinduism.

Bhasma Aarti is an important ritual in Mahakal Ujjain that holds great spiritual value. By participating in this ritual, a person can awaken their inner wisdom and attain spiritual liberation.

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The Importance Of Adhering To The Dress Code During The Bhasma Aarti

A. Outfits for Men

During the traditional Bhasma Aarti in Ujjain, men are expected to dress in traditional Indian attire. This typically involves wearing a dhoti or a lungi, which is a long piece of cloth wrapped around the waist and legs. A kurta, which is a long shirt, is also commonly worn. This attire symbolizes respect for the occasion and for Lord Shiva.

B. Outfits for Women

Women are expected to wear a sari or a salwar kameez during the traditional Bhasma Aarti. A sari is a long piece of cloth that is draped around the body and is accompanied by a blouse and a petticoat. A salwar kameez is a more modern outfit that consists of a tunic top and loose pants. Both the sari and salwar kameez are traditionally modest in style and are meant to symbolize respect for Lord Shiva and the occasion.

C. Significance of Traditional Outfits

The traditional outfits worn during the Bhasma Aarti hold a deep significance in Hindu culture. They are a symbol of devotion and respect for Lord Shiva and the traditions associated with the Bhasma Aarti. By dressing in traditional Indian attire, participants show their connection to their cultural roots and their commitment to upholding Hindu traditions.

How To Book Bhasma Aarti At Mahakal Temple

The Mahakal Bhasma Aarti in Ujjain is a highly anticipated Hindu ceremony that attracts many visitors from around the world. If you are planning to attend this historic event, it is essential to know how to book your Bhasma Aarti tickets.

One of the easiest ways to book Bhasma Aarti tickets is through the official website of the Mahakaleshwar Temple in Ujjain at The website provides detailed information on the different timings and packages available, as well as the booking process. Visitors can choose from a range of packages that cater to different budgets and preferences.

Another option to book Bhasma Aarti tickets is through authorized travel agents or tour operators. These operators offer comprehensive packages that include transportation, accommodation, and Bhasma Aarti tickets. This option is particularly convenient for visitors who are unfamiliar with the area or who prefer to have their arrangements taken care of in advance.

Visitors who are unable to book their tickets online or through a travel agent can also purchase tickets directly at the Mahakaleshwar Temple. However, it is important to note that these tickets are subject to availability and can often sell out quickly, especially during peak season.

When booking Bhasma Aarti tickets, visitors are advised to keep in mind the timings of the ceremony. The Aarti takes place in the early morning, before dawn at 4 AM to 6 AM, and it is important to arrive at the temple early in order to secure a good viewing spot. Visitors should also familiarise themselves with the dress code and other rules and regulations of the temple in order to avoid any inconvenience.

From Abhishek To Aarti: Experience The Fascinating Process of Bhasma Arti 

The process of performing Bhasma Aarti in Ujjain is a fascinating and intricate one. It starts early in the morning, before dawn. The main priest of the temple begins by performing the Abhishek or ritual bath of the Shivlinga using various substances like curd, honey, and sandal paste. The idol is then cleaned with milk and water and adorned with flowers, garlands, and Bel leaves.

The highlight of the ritual is the application of ash, which is prepared from cow dung. The ash is believed to have purifying properties that can dispel negativity and evil.

After the decorations, the idol is covered with a cloth, and the head priest swings a pouch filled with ash over it. This action creates a cloud of ash, which covers the Shivlinga, and the idol is thus purified.

The process concludes with the Aarti, in which oil lamps are lit, and hymns are chanted (‘Om Namah Shivaye’ and ‘Har Har Mahadev’) in honor of Lord Shiva. The devotees offer prayers and ring bells to seek blessings for their well-being and prosperity.

Overall, the Bhasma Aarti at the Mahakaleshwar Temple is a mesmerizing and unique experience that allows devotees to connect with the divine and seek blessings for their lives. It is a beautiful expression of devotion and faith that has been practiced for centuries and continues to inspire and uplift people across the world.

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Things To Note during Mahakaleshwar Online Booking (Bhasma Aarti Booking)

You should keep the following things in mind during Ujjain Mahakal Darshan online booking.

  • It is important for you to upload all documents in jpg/ jpeg format.
  • Photographs and ID proofs of all devotees are mandatory.
  • In the case of a child, the parent’s ID is allowed.
  • In case you don’t have a photo and ID details for a devotee, explain his or her relationship with the applicant.
  • There will be no charge while booking, after booking you have to download a confirmation receipt but you have to come to the Shree Mahakaleshwar office one day before 5 PM and pay Rs 100 per person. Then, take a receipt of Rs 100 per person.
  • You have to show the payment receipt (hall ticket) at the Bhasma Aarti Gate.
  • As per the Corona Guidelines in the temple, it is mandatory for devotees to wear a mask and keep a proper distance.


Can I book offline by visiting the temple?

Yes, you can also book offline by visiting  the Bhasma Arti Counter. Don’t forget to carry all your important documents while doing so.

How many devotees are allowed to take darshan through Nandi hall?

Please note that only 100 devotees are allowed in the Nandi Hall during aarti.

I don’t have an ID proof of my child. What should I do?

The ID proof of the parent is acceptable in the case of a child.

What ID proofs are accepted by the temple authorities?

You can book using the ID proofs like Aadhar Card, bankpass book, Driving License, Office ID, PAN card, Valid Indian Passport, Voters Identity Card.

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